Forestry and Wildlife Management

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Your forest resources are an important asset to any landowner. Like any asset, it must be managed in order to appreciate in value over time. Today, many forestland owners consider their forestland assets as a multiple use commodity that provides important functions such as watershed protection, wetland enhancement, soil stabilization and wildlife habitat. Many forestland owners also have an interest in recreational enjoyment of their property, the aesthetics benefits that are associated with a properly managed forest and, just as importantly, want an economic return on their investment.

Other forestland owners have a more narrow focus on the management options and view their forestland as more of an economic asset with the associated returns. Whether one considers forestland ownership as a multiple use commodity or a single purpose investment, the Headwaters professional resource managers can assist you in identifying priority objectives and in balancing those objectives with the resource capabilities and meeting the individual landowner needs.

The Headwaters professional foresters can provide expert forest management assistance to the private non-industrial landowner. We offer a balanced approach to forest management that includes considerations for the landowner’s primary objectives and a focus on forestland as a multiple use asset. Good forest management practices enhance and compliment the development of well-balanced wildlife habitat and the Headwaters professional foresters have the experience to provide the right kind of management practices to enhance and improve habitat across different timber stand types. For today’s multi-use landowners, this balanced approach to forest and wildlife management is an important concept for implementation.

Headwaters professional staff also has extensive experience in the restoration and enhancement of bottomland hardwood timber types as a result of our significant forested wetland habitat restoration projects. We can provide the private non-industrial landowner the right type of management to enhance and accentuate these important habitats. The Headwaters staff provides the following forestry and wildlife management services:

  • Timber Management – Timber management planning is used to establish the short and long term forest management objectives for a forestland ownership. It is utilized to prioritize the landowner’s objectives according to the forest types, distribution and the needs. Our professional forestry staff can provide you the balanced timber management plans to meet your forestland ownership goals and objectives. We can provide all of the timber management services needed to meet the needs of your specific property and enhance and improve the timber stands on your property.
  • Timber Marketing – Headwaters does not buy timber or other forest products. Rather, we serve as the agent on the landowner’s behalf to insure that established management objectives are accomplished in a practical, cost effective and timely manner. The Headwaters staff has extensive experience in all phases of timber marketing activities include timber sale coordination, marking, sales prospectus development, timber sales contract development and timber harvest monitoring and coordination.
  • Timber Inventories and Appraisals – The timber inventory and appraisal process is utilized to document the current value of the standing timber resources. This process is commonly utilized to establish the timber resource value for tax, estate or Conservation Easement purposes. Headwaters professional forestry staff utilizes the most up to date methods for conducting timber inventories and valuation to meet the timber management needs for each property. We utilized the latest GPS and GIS systems to provide the most accurate inventories and mapping available for specific properties.
  • Wildlife Management Plans – The Headwaters resource professionals work hand in hand with our professional forestry staff to provide the wildlife management and habitat needs for our clients on their multi-use timberland and recreational properties. We can provide professional wildlife habitat management plans that meets the landowners’ objectives for the native game and non-game wildlife species utilizing the individual properties.


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